IQ Testing in Michigan

Measuring Intelligence Has Benefits 

IQ testing is the psychological measurement of one’s Intelligence Quotient or IQ.  The most commonly administered IQ tests are the Wechsler scales, The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC). Although both tests are revised every so often and new versions of the tests are generated, various factors of IQ and intellectual functioning are always measured.  Although both tests measure Verbal Comprehension, Working Memory and Processing Speed as factors of IQ, the WAIS measures Perceptual Reasoning, and the WISC Fluid Reasoning and Visual Spatial abilities.  A Full Scale IQ is also obtained and is typically referred to as one’s IQ (although may not always be the best indicator of one’s true intellect).

Some indications for IQ testing include, admissions requirements into schools and educational placement, to measure cognitive strengths and weaknesses, to evaluate for giftedness, and to detect cognitive problems and evaluate for intellectual disability.  Problems in school or academic problems can also be better understood through an IQ test.  IQ testing is required to determine the need for school or standardized test accommodations, and can also help parents, tutors and teachers better understand how to help a student perform better and identify where they may need extra help.  In addition, some organizations, such as Mensa or other High IQ Societies, also require a test for membership.  Also, certain companies require an IQ test to evaluate possible job applicants.

Although you may come across IQ tests online, they cannot be taken online unfortunately.  A real IQ test has reliability and validity and is typically administered by a licensed clinical psychologist (or other licensed mental health provider who has had specialized training in psychological testing).  In addition, an IQ test is administered under standardized settings and certain subtests have time constraints.  If you think you or your child may benefit you should consult with a psychologist.